Who are the Lyttons?

“The Lyttons have won claims to government land before, only to sell it and later blame the government for deceiving them.”

Indian Casinos: Wheel of Misfortune — Who Gets the Money? (Part 1)

“IN YOUR FACE. For sheer audacity, it’s hard to beat the shared vision of a Florida developer and an Oklahoma Indian tribe to build a casino in Kansas. The developer is Alan Ginsburg, who heads North American Sports Management (Noram), which has already cut casino development deals with tribes in five states. The tribe is the 3,900-member Wyandotte tribe of Oklahoma, which has a reservation in the state’s northeast corner. Oklahoma prohibits Las Vegas—style casinos, and that is why the Wyandottes want a satellite reservation in Kansas, which does permit big-time gaming.”

National Resources Committee Hearing

This hearing was held on June 17, 2015 considering HR1157, HR2386 and HR2538