Slap in the face – Tanni Cordis

Letter to the Editor Windsor Times 8-20-2015

There are quite a few things being talked about on the topic of HR 2538, the bill pushing the Lytton Pomo Indian land into trust, but nobody is addressing the underlying details of the development. We have been asked by the State, the County and the Town to significantly reduce our water usage due to this drought. Each of us has diligently done our part, from homemakers, to restaurant owners, shopkeepers, gas station owners, wineries and farmers, etc. The Windsor Town Council has said that we’ve reduced our usage by a higher percentage than most. Why? Because we care about our community. We’ve lost plants, lawns and crops in the name of saving water. The signs to save water are seen throughout our community. If you add all the people in this community who have worked hard to save water, they’ve probably saved thousands or even millions of gallons of water in some way, shape or form. And, it’s all relative to each and every one of us. Now with the stroke of a pen, Congressman Huffman, whose words are written on the backs of environmental issues galore, and a tribe of 220 people, have decided that all of this means nothing. Rep. Huffman is pushing through a bill that authorizes building a 200,000-case winery which will use over 85 million gallons of water a year, a spa that would use millions of gallons, a 200-room hotel, restaurants, shops and a pool (given to the district by the tribe), in the name of the tribe’s financial diversification. By the way, they own a casino in San Pablo that makes an excess of $180 million a year in revenue. Does anyone of our government officials really care about water reduction, or does campaign money mean more than a community? To me, this is just a slap in the face.