Taking umbrage – David Randolph

Letter to the Editor Windsor Times 8-20-2015

There must be literally tens of thousands of towns and cities across the United States that enjoy fine city swimming pools and aquatic centers that were not financed with casino money. If we citizens of Windsor truly want a swimming pool and aquatic center, then I say it’s time we ante up and pay for it ourselves. All it would take would be a penny on the dollar of any purchase made in Windsor. Or we can come up with some other scheme that can give us pride in our own self-sufficiency and small town resourcefulness and not leave us beholden to large corporate interests that do not love Windsor and keep her in heart like we do. In any event, let us not accept a bribe from the Lytton Tribe. I am sorry to say that I must take umbrage with the Hon. Paul Kelley (“Clarifying my position on the Lytton project,” Windsor Times, Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015, pg. 3). A swimming pool sir, is not a fair exchange for the proposed Lytton development, whether it were ever to include a casino or not.